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Part F: [To be filled-in by the Authorised Dealer]

We have scrutinized the related documents and confirm the following:
(give % share if more than one end-use)
Tick one
Permissible under Automatic Route
Approved by Foreign Exchange Department, RBI under Approval Route

Average Maturity

Cost Factors (%)
Fixed Rate Loan
Floating Rate Loan
Margin (spread) over base
a) Interest Rate

b) All-in-cost

In case of loan from ‘Foreign Equity Holder’, it is confirmed that:
a)    Direct equity holding of lender is at least 25per cent of the paid-up equity
(as per FCGPR taken on record by RBI / FCTRS return taken on record)
b)    Including the proposed borrowing, the “ECB Liability – Equity Ratio” (4:1) criteria is satisfied for borrowings of more than US $ 5 million
Borrower has given written undertaking to AD to the effect that it has been submitting ECB-2 Returns regularly to RBI in respect of past ECB/FCCB loans)
 Yes /
Not Applicable

Other important facts relevant for the allotment of LRN

We certify that the borrower is our customer and the particulars given in this Form are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. This application complies with the extant ECB guidelines and we recommend it for allotment of Loan Registration Number (LRN) by RBI.

Place: __________                     Stamp                  __________________________________________________
                                                                                   (Signature of the Authorised Official)

Date: ___________                                            Name: ________________ Designation:__________________
    Name of the bank/ branch _____________________________

    AD Code (Part I and Part II):___________________________

    Tel,No.:___________________Fax No.____________­­­­­­­­­_______

    e-mail ID: __________________________________________

For RBI (DSIM) Use only
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 Action Taken on
Loan Classification

LRN (if allotted)