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(Reporting of loan agreement details under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999)

To be submitted in duplicate by the borrower to designated Authorised Dealer (AD) for all categories and any amount of external commercial borrowing (ECB). After examining conformity with the extant ECB guidelines, the AD may provide requisite details in Part F of the Form and forward one copy (within 7 days from the date of signing loan agreement between borrower and lender) for allotment of Loan Registration Number (LRN) to:
The Director                                                                                            
Balance of Payments Statistics Division
Department of Statistics and Information Management (DSIM)
Reserve Bank of India
C-8-9 Bandra-Kurla Complex
Mumbai – 400 051

Agreement Details (To be filled by borrowers of External Commercial Borrowings)
ECB under (Tick one) >>
Approval Route

Automatic Route

In case of Approval Route
No. and Date of RBI-FED approval:
(attach copy of approval letter)

Loan Key Number (allotted by RBI)

Earlier Loan Registration No. (Applicable only for Revised Form-83)

Part A: Borrower details
Name and address of the Borrower (in BLOCK letters)

Registration Number given by
the Registrar of Companies:

PAN Number of Company:
Business Activity:
Contact Official’s Name:
Phone No.     :
Fax No.         :
E-mail ID      :
(No item should be left blank)
Borrower Category (Tick one)
Public Sector

Private Sector

Detailed Category (Tick one)
Corporate - Manufacturing

Corporate - Infrastructure

Corporate –Service Sector - (Hotels, Hospitals and Software)

Corporate – Service Sector – (Other than Hotels, Hospitals and Software)


Financial Institution (other than NBFC)

Reg. No.

Reg. No.

NBFC- Others
Reg. No.

Non-Government Organization (NGO)

Micro Finance Institution (MFI)

Others (Specify)

Part B: Lender details
Name and address of the lender/ lessor /foreign supplier (in BLOCK letters)

E-mail ID      :

(No item should be left blank)

Lender Category (Tick one)
Multilateral Financial Institution

Foreign Government (Bilateral Agency)

Export Credit Agency

Indian Commercial Bank branch abroad

Other Commercial Bank

Supplier of Equipment

Leasing Company

Foreign Collaborator / Foreign Equity Holder

International Capital Market

Regional Financial Institution

Government Owned Development Financial Institution

Others (Specify)

Details of foreign equity holding of the lender in the borrower company:
(a)     Share in paid-up equity of the borrower (%)

(b)              Amount of paid-up capital
ECB-Liability: equity ratio in case of borrowings above USD 5 million from foreign equity holder :
Part C: Loan Details
Loan Agreement Date (YYYY/MM/DD)



Effective Date of the Loan



Last Date of Disbursement



Maturity Date (Last payment date)



Grace Period (if in agreement)


Currency Name

Currency Code (SWIFT)

Amount (in Foreign Currency)

Equivalent Amount (in US Dollars)
(as on date of this form)

Proposed Bifurcation of the amount
Foreign Currency Expenditure
Rupee Expenditure
(in loan currency)

Hedging details (Tick one)
Currency Swap
Interest Rate Swap
In case options are provided in the loan agreement (tick in the appropriate box)
Call Option

___  per cent of Debt
Can be executed after date



Put Option

___  per cent of Debt
Can be executed after date



Name and address of the Guarantor (in Block letters)

Contact Official’s Name:                                               
Designation                  :
Phone No.:                                              Fax No.:                                  E-mail id:
Guarantee Status Code (as per Box 1):
Borrowing Purpose Code (as per Box 2):
(In case of multiple purpose, give break up of amount to be utilised under each purpose as Annex)

Project Details:

If import, specify the Country of import (if more than one country, attach details as Annex):

Economic Sector/ Industry Code  (See Box-3)

Type of ECB (Tick in appropriate box)
1.Buyers’ Credit

2.Commercial Loan / Syndicated Loan
(attach sheet for percentage distribution among lenders)

3.Suppliers’ Credit

4.Export Credit from Bilateral Sources

5.Line of Credit

6.Securitised Instruments (Bonds, CP, FRN, etc.)

7.Financial Lease

8.FCCB, FCEB, Non-Convertible Preference Shares, Optionally Convertible Preference Shares, Partially Convertible Preference Shares

9.Refinancing of old ECBs                                            
    LRN of the old ECB:                             Approval No.                             Date of Approval:
    Amount refinanced:                               Reason:

10.Others (Specify)

Interest Payment Schedule
First Payment Date



No.of payments per year

Fixed Rate

Floating Rate
Base with currency


Cap Rate

Floor Rate

Drawdown Schedule
Tranche No.
If more than one equal installment#
Total No. of drawals
No. of drawals in a calendar year

* 1. In case of import of goods or services, date of import is to be furnished against date of drawdown.
   2. In case of financial lease, date of acquisition (import) of the goods is to be mentioned as date of drawdown.
   3. In case securitised instruments, date of issue has to be shown as date of drawdown.
   4. In case of more than one equal drawdown transactions are shown in a row, the first date of transaction should be mentioned.
# If drawdown is in unequal installments, details should be given in Annex.
Principal Repayment Schedule
If more than one equal installments #
Total No. of payments
No. of payments in a calendar year

# If repayment is in unequal instalments, details should be given in Annex.
Part D: Other Charges
Specify Nature of charge
Expected Date of Payment
In case of multiple equal payments

No. of payments in a year
Total number of payments

Penal Interest for late payments
Fixed               %  or   Base:                     Margin:
Commitment Charges
                        % per annum of:               % of Undrawn Amount:
Part E: Details of ECB already availed (not applicable for the first-time borrower)
Loan Reg.No. (LRN)
Amount of Loan
(as per agreement)
Disbursed so far
Net outstanding (Principal)

We hereby certify that the particulars given above are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief and no material information has been withheld and/or misrepresented. Furthermore, the ECB is in compliance with the extant ECB guidelines.
Place: __________                                         ___________________________________________________
                                                                                   (Signature of the Authorised Official of the Company)
Date: ___________         Stamp                   Name: ______________________ Designation:______________

Place:_____________                                   ___________________________________________________
                                                                                     (Signature of Company Secretary/ Chartered Accountant)
 Date:_______________ Stamp                             Name: _________________________________________
                                                                                       Registration No.:______________________________

 Ozg Corporate Funding Consultant

Ozg Center, New Delhi & Mumbai


Phone # +91 (0) 88-007-25647

To book an appointment with Ozg Fundraising Consultants, please go to: